Let’s talk about bath products and sleep…

The product industry is massive, there are lots of different products on market and to be honest we have tried them all, from Johnson to Childs Farm i just wanted something that was gentle on the skin that would sooth them ready for bed time.

And that it definitely does, recently Hallie has been teething so she has been up all night every hour, after using the bubble bath she has become a lot more relaxed before bedtime.

So we have been using Love Boo for a while now and I can honestly say we love them not just us as parents but the kids Blake always asks for ‘splashy bubbles’ as he calls them when we start to run the bath, I love that their products are all natural and it’s a big plus that they smell amazing.

Not only do they do a child’s range of different products from bubble bath to body creams they do a range just for us mums! I can tell you know the bubble bath is amazing and so relaxing I cannot stress enough after a busy day of running around after two little one’s having a nice hot bubble bath is just what you need, not only that but I’m loving the body lotion that has actually won awards, and I can see why.

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You can find all their products at,



Let’s talk about child proofing the house?.

We have been having lots of battles with Blake as he is a very inquisitive little boy, he will constantly go in the kitchen and open the cupboards or fridge and grab food and treats when he isn’t suppose to or when Hallie is being fed and he knows he won’t be stopped.

We installed a magic magnet cupboard lock, this lets you have a lock on you cupboards without an ugly big lock on it that you open from the outside by using the magnet to release the lock on the inside.

There is now this awesome stick on lock we have installed on the fridge door to stop Blake from opening it.

He is also a very active little boy and has bags of energy, he spends a lot of time running around and has come so close to falling into the corners of our living room units.

Now on all our unit corners we have fitted these corner bumpers, this is such a relief as we all know how easy this could be a serious injury.

I’m sure we are not the only ones who’s children have trapped their little fingers in the door.

Not a problem for us anymore.

But one which always scares me is plug sockets how easy it is for them to get seriously hurt from a slip of our concentration and them putting something in to the socket.

Now we have these on every socket not being used.

A big thank you to Fred Safety for kindly sending us these nifty gadgets.

And what a big hit it has been, we can now relax a little at home and not be constantly on the watch that one of them is going to either hurt themselves or raid the cupboards.

I honestly can’t recommend these guys enough go and check them out and child proof your house to.


Fred safety.

Cheeky rascals.


Now that Blake is almost 3 he will soon be starting nursery, so Nuby kindly sent him a backpack and water bottle to help prepare him.

Until he starts nursery we have been using his backpack for when he has sleepovers at his nans, Blake likes to take everything out of his room so this bag is made for him as it has loads of handy pockets to fill with even more dinosaurs and that makes him so happy.

And I just know that this is going to be so handy for him to store all he needs for when he does start nursery, because let’s be honest there will be loads of spare clothes shoes and goodness knows what else, so it’s good to know we have that covered!

Not only that but blake loves to carry his own bag as he is mr independent, I also love that is has lots of padding and reflection parts so that it won’t hurt his little shoulders and cars can see us, this is such a lovely addition to the bag.

Did I mention that the new trends is robot theme? Blake loves the fact that the bottle is matching I cannot get the bottle from him he loves the handy flip button (he thinks it’s magic) and is also a good size so not many refills need through out the day!.

If you want to take a look at their new range I will leave a like below,

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Joyful Bundle

Joyful Bundles are a subscription service that run a bit like the glossy box, but these are for parents that want to try & test products out before you buy them in full, to see what you or your baby likes or dislikes.

It’s so quick and simple there are two different types a milestone bundle which is priced at $35 & discovery bundle priced at $20 these both come with free shipping. All you do is fill out a quick survey to tell them about what products you have tried and what you haven’t tried and the age of the baby etc, then they Tailor make your monthly joyful bundle box.

Depending what bundle you went for you will receive a mix between full sized products and travel size, is I designed to introduce you to brands that you’ve never tried its so simple all you do is pop over to there website and follow the instructions and then you will be all set up to get your monthly bundles.

This for me is such a brilliant idea and I would have benefited so much from this when I had my first child Blake, I brought every product known to man because I was told that’s what I needed.

Since having my second child I’ve been totally different so when I was kindly sent a joyful bundle to try for my 7 month daughter Hallie- May I was so very pleased with what I received.

she is now at weaning stage so I got to try a new brand of food and some munchkin spoons, a fantastic nuby bib that has been a massive hit that I have gone on to buy a few more of and many more products,

For me joyful bundle is amazing idea and something to look forward to each month trying out all the new products and some favourites.

We give to a 5 ***** rating

If any of you guys want to have a look I will leave the link here so you can check them out

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Hallie-May has been trying out the brand NEW pea puffs from Organix,

Hallie-May is 7 months old so very new on her weaning journey, she is very hands on and she likes to get involved so these pea puffs are fantastic for letting her feed herself & build her hand eye co-ordination.

When it comes to baby led weaning it’s always so worrying that they will choke on what you have giving them, but with these pea puffs you don’t have to worry as they just melt in there mouths taking away that horrible fear.

These pea puffs are recommended from 6month+, they are nice big chunky shapes so they can get a good grip and navigate to there mouths early.

It’s also nice to have that peace of mind that what you are giving your baby is a 100% organic and doesn’t contain any junk, They actually have the no junk promise which gives us parents the peace of mind as they are made up of 20% corn 80% peas and really do taste of them I did have a little try myself.

I have found them so handy for when we are on the go to give her a healthy nutritious snack or if she’s getting a bit fussy these always hit the spot.

We will be definitely stocking up our cupboards.

If you want to try these with with your babies you can find them in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrison’s and other shops check them out you won’t be disappointed link is below!.



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Ponseti Treatment – Boots and Bars

Absolutely touching post what a super brave boy 💙

Alfies Adventures

I’m not going to lie – for me this was the most daunting step in the treatment. The thought of my little darling being in boots attached together by a metal bar for 23 hours a day terrifies me. How restricted would he be? He’s just learned to crawl, will he still manage? He sleeps on his side, will he still be able to?

We went for our appointment as normal to have the last cast removed – yay! I was so excited to see his little legs again and I couldn’t wait to see him splashing about the bath they give at the hospital – he loved his bath!

How wrong was I?! The poor boy was his usual happy self whilst having the cast removed however when they put him in the bath he screamed like I’ve never heard him scream before. I’m not sure if…

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Now where do I start with our whisbear?,

When i say that this small bear has saved us SO many sleepless nights I know what you probably think (yeah right).


But I can’t stress enough it has, when we had our first child Blake, we struggled so much just to get him to sleep on his own for just five minutes, I literally mean at night times when we would go to bed one of us use to have to have him on our chest just so we could get a couple of hours sleep each, we even had shift patterns where we would swap over just so we could both get the same amount of sleep.


Then come the time when that no longer worked, so what could we possible do next?? we tried a number of different things from rocking him to walking around the house (in the middle of the night must I add), we noticed he was more calmer when there was background noise i.e. the tele but thankfully just one day he decided he would sleep straight through but it took until he was 14 month.

Then obviously we decided we would brave it a try again for another baby, brave right?? we thought so anyway…

With our previous experience with Blake it got us thinking is there anything out there that can help? well.. as the due date was approaching a good friend recommended ‘whisbear- the humming bear’ so we purchased it, we was a little sceptical as obviously we thought no way can a bear help a baby sleep??.. MY GOODNESS how wrong could we have been?, from the minute Hallie-May was born her whisbear was introduced to her, playing the pink noise and mimicking what she would have heard inside the womb for the last nine months.

IMG_0358 2

It also has a built in ‘cry sensor’ that will activate the second she starts to cry… playing ‘pink noise’ for 40 minutes before gradually fading to sooth her gently back of to sleep, and I must say it was a life saver not having to get up to turn it on every time she made a noice, its also very reassuring knowing that your baby will be safe as it has magnetic paws which hooks over the side of your cot or crib.

‘Whats pink noise’?? I asked the same question but it is a thing..

Pink noise regulates your brain waves helping to reduce the release of a stress hormone which has been proven to be more calming for your little one than white noise.. lets face it the last thing we want is our babies stress levels to raise any higher than they have to be.

I remember the first time Hallie-May started to cry in the night (not needing a feed) we both looked at each other like ‘here we go again’ but then magic happened whisbear kicked in and started playing the shushing noise and then just like that… back to sleep, I honestly wasn’t expecting her to react as well as she did and ever since it hasn’t left her side even when we’re on the go we now have the whisbird that clips to the car seat or the pram it has the same pink noice that works so well on Hallie-May.


I can honestly say that the whisbear still works to this day and has the same effect on Hallie-May like it has done for the last six months keeping her calm and settled so she can get a restful sleep, not only that the bear can grow with her as it has sensory parts and bright colours for the perfect all round stimulation, i can see this being her life long friend.


Out of all the things we have brought this is by far the best well used product that we could have ever imagined purchasing, we all love it and it even sends us to sleep we would definitely recommend to any new parent.