Hallie-May has been trying out the brand NEW pea puffs from Organix,

Hallie-May is 7 months old so very new on her weaning journey, she is very hands on and she likes to get involved so these pea puffs are fantastic for letting her feed herself & build her hand eye co-ordination.

When it comes to baby led weaning it’s always so worrying that they will choke on what you have giving them, but with these pea puffs you don’t have to worry as they just melt in there mouths taking away that horrible fear.

These pea puffs are recommended from 6month+, they are nice big chunky shapes so they can get a good grip and navigate to there mouths early.

It’s also nice to have that peace of mind that what you are giving your baby is a 100% organic and doesn’t contain any junk, They actually have the no junk promise which gives us parents the peace of mind as they are made up of 20% corn 80% peas and really do taste of them I did have a little try myself.

I have found them so handy for when we are on the go to give her a healthy nutritious snack or if she’s getting a bit fussy these always hit the spot.

We will be definitely stocking up our cupboards.

If you want to try these with with your babies you can find them in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrison’s and other shops check them out you won’t be disappointed link is below!.



Thanks for reading.

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