Joyful Bundle

Joyful Bundles are a subscription service that run a bit like the glossy box, but these are for parents that want to try & test products out before you buy them in full, to see what you or your baby likes or dislikes.

It’s so quick and simple there are two different types a milestone bundle which is priced at $35 & discovery bundle priced at $20 these both come with free shipping. All you do is fill out a quick survey to tell them about what products you have tried and what you haven’t tried and the age of the baby etc, then they Tailor make your monthly joyful bundle box.

Depending what bundle you went for you will receive a mix between full sized products and travel size, is I designed to introduce you to brands that you’ve never tried its so simple all you do is pop over to there website and follow the instructions and then you will be all set up to get your monthly bundles.

This for me is such a brilliant idea and I would have benefited so much from this when I had my first child Blake, I brought every product known to man because I was told that’s what I needed.

Since having my second child I’ve been totally different so when I was kindly sent a joyful bundle to try for my 7 month daughter Hallie- May I was so very pleased with what I received.

she is now at weaning stage so I got to try a new brand of food and some munchkin spoons, a fantastic nuby bib that has been a massive hit that I have gone on to buy a few more of and many more products,

For me joyful bundle is amazing idea and something to look forward to each month trying out all the new products and some favourites.

We give to a 5 ***** rating

If any of you guys want to have a look I will leave the link here so you can check them out

Thanks for reading


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