Now that Blake is almost 3 he will soon be starting nursery, so Nuby kindly sent him a backpack and water bottle to help prepare him.

Until he starts nursery we have been using his backpack for when he has sleepovers at his nans, Blake likes to take everything out of his room so this bag is made for him as it has loads of handy pockets to fill with even more dinosaurs and that makes him so happy.

And I just know that this is going to be so handy for him to store all he needs for when he does start nursery, because let’s be honest there will be loads of spare clothes shoes and goodness knows what else, so it’s good to know we have that covered!

Not only that but blake loves to carry his own bag as he is mr independent, I also love that is has lots of padding and reflection parts so that it won’t hurt his little shoulders and cars can see us, this is such a lovely addition to the bag.

Did I mention that the new trends is robot theme? Blake loves the fact that the bottle is matching I cannot get the bottle from him he loves the handy flip button (he thinks it’s magic) and is also a good size so not many refills need through out the day!.

If you want to take a look at their new range I will leave a like below,

Thank you for reading


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