Let’s talk about child proofing the house?.

We have been having lots of battles with Blake as he is a very inquisitive little boy, he will constantly go in the kitchen and open the cupboards or fridge and grab food and treats when he isn’t suppose to or when Hallie is being fed and he knows he won’t be stopped.

We installed a magic magnet cupboard lock, this lets you have a lock on you cupboards without an ugly big lock on it that you open from the outside by using the magnet to release the lock on the inside.

There is now this awesome stick on lock we have installed on the fridge door to stop Blake from opening it.

He is also a very active little boy and has bags of energy, he spends a lot of time running around and has come so close to falling into the corners of our living room units.

Now on all our unit corners we have fitted these corner bumpers, this is such a relief as we all know how easy this could be a serious injury.

I’m sure we are not the only ones who’s children have trapped their little fingers in the door.

Not a problem for us anymore.

But one which always scares me is plug sockets how easy it is for them to get seriously hurt from a slip of our concentration and them putting something in to the socket.

Now we have these on every socket not being used.

A big thank you to Fred Safety for kindly sending us these nifty gadgets.

And what a big hit it has been, we can now relax a little at home and not be constantly on the watch that one of them is going to either hurt themselves or raid the cupboards.

I honestly can’t recommend these guys enough go and check them out and child proof your house to.


Fred safety.

Cheeky rascals.

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