Let’s talk about bath products and sleep…

The product industry is massive, there are lots of different products on market and to be honest we have tried them all, from Johnson to Childs Farm i just wanted something that was gentle on the skin that would sooth them ready for bed time.

And that it definitely does, recently Hallie has been teething so she has been up all night every hour, after using the bubble bath she has become a lot more relaxed before bedtime.

So we have been using Love Boo for a while now and I can honestly say we love them not just us as parents but the kids Blake always asks for ‘splashy bubbles’ as he calls them when we start to run the bath, I love that their products are all natural and it’s a big plus that they smell amazing.

Not only do they do a child’s range of different products from bubble bath to body creams they do a range just for us mums! I can tell you know the bubble bath is amazing and so relaxing I cannot stress enough after a busy day of running around after two little one’s having a nice hot bubble bath is just what you need, not only that but I’m loving the body lotion that has actually won awards, and I can see why.

Thankyou for reading our review.

You can find all their products at,


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